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Design Your City with our free CAD tool

Reimagine the streets around you

If you ever find yourself annoyed at cars taking all the space on the road, or the lack of a decent bus network in your city, it's time to try our free web app to help you visualise how your city could change.

Our web app is a CAD tool that knows about best practices for transport and urban design, so you don't need to know how wide a bus lane should be, or how much space is needed for a cycle stand and a bike on each side.

While it works on phones too, it's best used on larger screens, simply because the bigger the screen, the easier it will be for you to reimagine your city.



How does it work?

You view a Google Map and you draw on top of it. To draw, you can choose either "freeform design" or "guided design".    


Freeform design

When you choose freeform design, you draw one item at a time. 

The web app has all the knowledge about each item, eg to draw a cycle lane, you draw one edge of it then  you select the lines you have drawn and a point to show on which side it should be and the web app generates the cycle lane.   

In freeform design, you can draw edges, lanes, areas/zones, add some street furniture, routes and stops. The canvas is yours. 

This is aimed at users who have a little knowledge of streetscape design, or who just wants to try out ideas for a street quickly.



Guided design


When you choose a guided design, the app guides you with questions and tips about what to think about. 

For example, to design a cycle network, you need to figure out where the main destination area are, where the main residential areas are, where the existing public transit stops are, where any existing cycle lanes are, then you can start sketching a comprehensive cycle network.